Welcome to the home of Euro Transmission Specialists. We sell top quality re-manufactured automatic transmissions nation and worldwide. Call us today at 310-231- 8962 and let our over 26 years of experience in re-manufacturing transmissions work for you. We stand behind our work by offering you a 24-months/unlimited-mile warranty on our re-manufactured transmissions. We offer extended warranty for an additional fee. This is the easiest and most cost-effective solution for your transmission replacement.

Some of our happy clients say:

I needed to replace

I needed to replace my transmission (Jaguar XK8 / 1997). I received two quotes from Jaguar dealers. Both quotes were over $7,000 to replace the transmission. Both of these dealers originally instructed me that the transmission fluid never needed to be replaced (life long transmission fluild). Long story ,short – you must replace the transmission filter and fluid ever 20K period. The dealers love to sell their clients transmissions! After speaking with John (service manager) and Jack DeBasc (owner) – I had my transmission remanufactured by them. Jack and his team were professional: no surprises, a fraction of the dealer quote, and took care & time to get the job done. I have owned my Jag for over 11 years and have good knowledge of the engine/electric components. Jack knew more than I did. If you need your transmission work you must check these guys out! Its your car (and money). Thanks Jack.

M. F.

I have a 99

I have a 99 Chrysler Town & Country and its transmission finally gave out. I did find someone who could do it for much less than everyone else, but it was one of those “jack-of-all-trades” mechanics and that’s fine if you want a simple oil change or brake pad replacement. But if you’re talking about a major fix like a transmission, it’s best to deal with a place that specializes in transmissions. The truth is, no matter how many times you call a place, you really won’t know if it’s the right place until you try them. Luckily, I made the right choice and I was quite happy. From the onset, they were easy to talk to (I specifically spoke with Kirk). But, most of all, what I really appreciated was that they stuck to the price they said would take to remanufacture my transmission – no surprise add ons.

J. S.

I had my transmission

I had my transmission done by these guys a few months back. The price I was quoted was even lower when the work was completed. There’s nothing like great service, quality, and saving money in these times. I would highly recommend them if you want excellent service and quality work done.


They’re very professional

They’re very professional. I’ve had a great experience, especially for something as stressful as transmission going out. They’re knowledgeable, patient, and kind.

S. H.

It was a hassle

It was a hassle free experience. They promised a certain price, they remanufactured my transmission, and they kept to that promise. They did the job as fast as they could and kept me updated with the status of the car.

J. S.

They’re really awesome

They’re really awesome! I really like them. They remanufactured my transmission. They’re super honest. Hopefully I won’t have to, I would use them again if I needed to. They are honest, trustworthy, and stand by their work.

G. Y.

My entire

My entire transmission was remanufactured. It was all done at the cost they had promised, within the time frame they had established. It was my first time using them, and I was pleased with the service.

S. S.

I’m pretty happy

I’m pretty happy right now. They said what they were going to do and they did it and they did very good work. They remanufactured my transmission. I’m just very happy with how everything turned out. Their work ethic and their service are really good.

R. M.

My transmission

My transmission needed to be replaced. I called a few mechanics around the area including some outside the area in an effort to save some money. I spoke with Jack and he was very informative. He really seemed to know the details and what he is doing. Since his price was competitive I decided to bite the bullet and send my transmission in. I am happy to report that it is running great plus I didn’t get any surprise charges (which I was really afraid of). great service. I recommend.

V. M.

Excellent communication

Excellent communication with quick but quality service.

J. N.

Friendly people

Friendly people, competent in their work.

M. G.

I’m very happy

I’m very happy with your service on my tranmission! Now it’s running just fine, without any problems!

G. H.

I am a mechanic

I am a mechanic and shop owner. For the past few years I’ve been turning away transmission remanufacturing work because I had a hard time keeping a transmission specialist on staff. So while there were other repairs that I can do on the car I missed out on these as clients preferred to have one place do all of the repairs at once. When I read about these guys I decided to check them out. I saw their great reviews and decided to give it a try. They arranged for the pickup of my client’s transmission and arranged its delivery back to me. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. My client was so happy to have saved money by repairing with me (instead of going to the local dealer) and I was able to retain the client and do the other repairs on their car. This is a great solution. I highly recommend these guys!

R. J.

Great Service

Great Service, courteous, good price!

S. S.

Great Job

Great Job. Kept me informed and the price was real competitive.

L. R.

Could not

Could not be happier with all aspects of the process!

R. F.

Quick, professional

Quick, professional, and trustworthy! Thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism!

K. R.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend to family and friends.

M. U.

I own a auto repair

I own a auto repair shop so I know good quality mechanics when I see it. I am an excellent mechanic but have always preferred to avoid transmission work for several reasons. When I heard about these guys I was skeptic. Also, I take a lot of pride in my work and didn’t want to risk having issues with their remanufactured transmission and ruin my good reputation in town. After checking them out online I sent in my customer’s transmission. They arranged both the pick up and the delivery of the remanufactured transmission. As a mechanic myself for many years I can tell you that their work is great. My customer was happy and still is. I highly recommend.

A. A. W.

Thank you very

Thank you very much for everythıng

A. A.

Quick and easy service

Quick and easy service! Genuine company with honest diagnosis and recommendations.

T. K.

In the fall

In the fall of 2014 we decided to fix rather than replace our two cars, a Toyota van and an Explorer. Since then we had two transmissions sent to be remanufactured. These guys are amazing: smart, efficient, honest, fast (prudently quick; not blast through the job.) Finding them was the result of an Internet search, some contact with a friend who reviewed them favorably, and just some general due diligence.

I. N.

The staff

The staff took their time explaining my problem and the solutions available. They remanufactured my transmission, stood behind their work and totally took care of me. I highly recommend them for their price, professionalism, and promptness. Thank you very much, Jeff

J. N.

This is the best service

This is the best service we have ever had. And we have owned Porches before this one. Jack really knows what he is doing and keeps up with everything so that you get the most up to date information.

Y. M.

Great job

Great job. The job was done well, finished on time, and at the price we discussed. What else could I ask for?

J. R.

Very helpful

Very helpful and easy to work with. Helped resolve problem with transmission.

S. G.

I appreciate

I appreciate their workmanship and trust them to do a good job. And find them very reliable.

H. P.

Amazing team! Great work!

Amazing team! Great work! I will recommend this place to all my friends. And Jack speaks french, very helpful. Thank you so much for the time you took and the work you did.

M. N.


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